3rd grade Korean reading book

Nowadays, I’ve been enjoying Korean reading book for 3rd grader.Last year, I only understood probably 30% of the content of the story. Now 95%! 신기하다. I haven’t had a decent Korean conversation though. I need a balance 50% conversation(speaking &listening) & 50 % reading.As for writing, I’ll try to do 일기 in Korean. It’s time for me to go to bed, but I still want to read Korean books.ㅋㅋㅋ. I realized that Korean elementary books are much difficult than Yonsei Reading books.Really thankful to 예신 who gifted me these elementary books.


4 thoughts on “3rd grade Korean reading book

  1. I think you can buy Korean elementary books at Gmarket. My friend’s mother is an elementary teacher so he’s generous to give me Grade 3 to 6 reading books . He even told me that elementary books would be so easy to me but he’s mistaken. haha.

  2. Whoa, 30% comprehension to 90% comprehension is a huuuuge improvement! Congrats!

    I’ve also found that reading Korean children’s books is much harder vocab than general conversation, or even compared to reading notices and advertisement text here around Busan.

    I guess children’s books use a lot of vocabulary that we don’t often encounter in adult life, like magical concepts about fairies, witches, mermaids, etc., and also old or ancient vocab related to kings, emperors, knights, and so forth. That makes it tougher for learners to follow and understand, which is why it’s even more impressive that you’re up to 90%. Good stuff!

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