Update!Loving Korean Grammar in Use Intermediate

오래만이죠? I’m almost finished studying(lightly) Korean Grammar in Use Intermediate.When school semester starts [ first week of June](or probably tomorrow ifI finished it tonight), going to study again KGIU Intermediate but this time I won’t turn to next grammar till I fully understand its usage. Half of the grammar lessons I can fully understand( Can use already in conversation)

I ordered 2 books( Volume 2 of 넌 내게 반했어 책 만화[Heartstring} & Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions by TTMIK). A year ago, I find it difficult to understand Volume 1 of 넌 내게 반했어 책 만화. Recently, when I read it, I can understand 90% of it.So I’m rewarding myself the remaining volume of it. If I don’t ended up spending for other things, I might add more books to my order. Wanna buy more 만화 책. I should restrain myself from buying Advanced Grammar book. Since I wanna improve my conversation skills( aka 반말 talk to 남친 and language partner, 만화 책 is much useful at the moment and very fun to read.

When I was young, there was a movie  I saw about a tree that bears money. If only it could happen in real life, in my backyard.ㅋㅋ so that I don’t need  to  save money for Korean books.

I’m still not decided if I wanna take TOPIK to measure my knowledge of Korean. I still believe that If I could converse among Koreans, that’s what matter. What I mean is I have heard  a lot of Korean learners who had pass 중급 3 or 4 but still can’t converse.I find that uninspiring. I still can’t have a decent Korean conversation with my boyfriend.If I can have a decent talk to him(about everyday life and much better about economy, politics [aka between 중급 and 고급] then I can say  that I’m proficient in Korean.  Till then 저는 열심히 공부하고 연습 많이 할 것이에요.




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