The Kpop Effect


4 thoughts on “The Kpop Effect

  1. wow, that’s crazy. I love Korea, but for the ‘plastic’ point, I personally disagree. I think the beauty of Korean is indeed on their slanted/small eyes. The girls on the video said that almost all celebrities went underknife, now I wonder if there is still some celebrities who accept what God has given to them. I think many celebrities have been born naturally beautiful and do not need to have something fixed.

    • That’s what I don’t like about some Koreans. Their need to have plastic surgery to show this fake facade and hide the real issue of insecurities and brainwashing from the media.

  2. I love people who loves themselves unconditionally.

    Unfortunately that’s not the case with many koreans and that is just too sad. Whenever I see a k-pop star, I just think of their faces as illusions, because it does look like they all have had surgeries.

    But as you know, the stereotype asians are often labelled as “shy”, so I kinda think that those who have surgeries have really really low self-esteem.

    I think children should be taught from kindergarten, that there’s no such thing as beauty standards and they should accept and love the way they are…. I feel so sad…

    On the other hand they chose it themselves and they have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. I wonder what’ll happen when they get children, hopefully they’re not gonna surgery their child!!! That would be a total scandal.

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