Pegasus SERIES 6!

Yay! I’ll be taking the Entrance test this Saturday for the Push It class. If I passed ,it’ll be my second time to be attending this class. This time I’m going to really put my best effort to do well in this class!

The Pegasus Society

The Pegasus Society for Korean Studies 2013 

Series 6 

-Application Form & Series Information – 

Dear Applicant, 

I am very pleased to introduce to you a new, exciting opportunity to learn the 

Korean language free of charge, also with the addition of further opportunities to expand 

your general Korean Studies knowledge in other areas, and to integrate other languages 

and language skills into your course. 

In Series 6 the Pegasus Society will aim to provide for you an intensive, vigorous 

and thorough training in the Korean language, whether it be our Beginner’s, Intermediate, 

or Advanced level. We hope to provide this to you through the combined teaching of 

Korean Studies university students and graduates, as well as native Korean speakers, 

allowing you to immerse yourself in the four main language areas of reading, writing, 

listening and speaking. 

Our courses are largely conducted via the internet calling programme Skype. We 


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4 thoughts on “Pegasus SERIES 6!

  1. I saw on the Pegasus blog that you’re going to take the entrance test for Push It. Because we passed Gogo we don’t have to take it. You should email Allan about that because the secretary also told me I needed to take the exam, when Allan said I did not need to take it.

    • Though I already passed Gogo, it was 2 years ago. Anyway, I still would like to take the entrance test just to make sure I deserve to be in the Push It class. Looking forward to be your 반 친구 ^^

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