Book Review: 연세 읽기 2

드디어 연세 읽기 2 다 읽었다.3달쯤 동안 공부했다.

(Finally ,I’m done with Yonsei Reading 2. I’ve studied for about 3 months.


좋은 점(Pros):

주제는 재미 있다 (Topics are interesting)

종이 질은 좋다 (Paper quality is good)

책은 안에 CD가 가지다 (The book is accompanied by a cd)

오디오 말은 조금 느리다 (The audio has a slower pace)

문제집 같은 가지다 (It has exercises)

 나쁜 점(Cons)

어떤 단어가  어휘 부분 안에 없다 (Some words are not put in the vocabulary section)

튼튼하지 않다 (Not sturdy) I mean the cover

크고 무겁다 (Heavy and Big) just because I carry it and study everywhere

Note: I would appreciate if you correct me if you see some Korean mistakes.


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