Should we be cautious in using 흥분하다?

I always have a good laugh just remembering this word.I saw a Youtube video from a Korean learner and she used this word saying she was “excited”.One commenter ,a Korean commented “That makes you hot!” .Another commenter commented,”You must avoid using that word because it has a sexual meaning”.I searched  this word in Naver .

[명사] excitement (격분) agitation , [동사] be[getexcitedwork oneself up (기뻐서) be thrilled (화가 나서) getupsetlose one‘s cool


We have to look at the sample sentences to a have a clear usage of this word.

흥분시키다 (성적으로)


흥분시키다 (성적으로)

turn sb on

흥분시키다 (성적으로)

make sb hot

성적으로 흥분되다

be sexually excited

성적으로 흥분되다

feel horny

I asked my language partner if  흥분(하다) mainly has a meaning of to be sexually arouse or excited and language partner confirmed it.

What bothers me is how come this word can be found in children’s book???헐

Well if you have a Korean bf or husband,this word will come in handy.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


2 thoughts on “Should we be cautious in using 흥분하다?

  1. 흥분하다 can mean sexually excited, but it also means excited in a way that you feel “a surge of huge emotion” that you can’t help to feel outrage, or huge excitement over something. It’s not like “woohoo.. I can’t wait! I’m excited!”, in this case you use “설레다”. *I think.*

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